Biji Sowe and Jabel Bah

The title of this post will remain an illusion for now it is just as it is for now. I promised by the time you finish reading this you will agree with me on the title. I hope you bear with my rants for now.

Taking cues from a previous post ‘the lost generation’ which refers to the fact that there is virtually no physical trace such as a photograph of our founding fathers. These god parents lived together in the same community they hardly even travel far, in terms of proximity one can aproximate that they stayed in a not more 30 km radius ( from Dator to Nioro and by any dimension). From that perspective one can conclude that their generation past without trace a far cry from the today’s generation where an origin of Kabada happened to live across the Senegambia region and beyond; all over the globe a descendant from kabada is found in every continent as we speak.

Comparing us from our generation and that of our grand parents we are more disconnected and divided -I still have not met half of my more than a dozen of nieces and nephews for example, something that I find to be ok – and would have been a big problem even for the eldest in my immediate family. I have not made much effort to even meet these closed family (sometimes soon I hope, a niece or a nephew will contact me via social media) my profile is visible and hardly a week passes by without someone usually a relative contacting me from overseas the list of friends is increasing.

Facebook is doing a good job in keeping us together. Our photos including photos of our children are found everywhere and accessible for posterity. Going by the trends, the predictions are that social media will be here and shall get better in any dimensions.

Coming back to grand Pa Jabel and his friend mam Biji Sowe on their journey to establishing Nioro Jattaba village. Like the Facebook profile and pages with all its capabilities to keep knowledge and history. The Biji Jabel’s profile is still punctuated by the swamp and hives of bees hosted in the Bantaba tree in the village and the famous ‘Chewiru’ a well to name but a few of the long lasting evidences they left for us.

The naming convention resulting to my name Alkalo and Alpha demba as an indelible ink that cement the culture of the community will follow

Too be continued

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