The lost generation

Do you have a photo of your grand parents? This  is the question I kept asking to adults in Nioro but 90 percent or 9 out of 10 adults asked responded in the negative – of course one can simply see why. Photography and Kabadaa in the early 1950s and decades later was something of an imagination. A generation is lost, the gallant soldiers that founded Nioro only a few of them can be referred to in a photograph. When you ask an elderly person to describe the rest there is a great deal of stories but such descriptions are hard to imagine.

Hence the need to employ some scientific means to help preserve the images of these god parents similar to the kind of portraits and images that can be found in history books. For example I recently found an image of Sheik Umar Footee Taal.  One can still look at such images and consolidate their imagination about an icon.

I am confident something could be done even school going age could be tasked to mimic such images. Just thinking out loud right now. Let me have your views



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