About Us

This site is about Nioro Jattaba, commonly called Nioro Kabada. It is located in the Lower River Region of the Gambia about 150 kilometers  from the capital , Banjul.We are a non-profit organisation with the aim of documenting the history,culture and life of the people of Nioro Kabada.All of us are volunteering and if you want to join the organization you are free to do so.All you need is join the daily discussions here on our website.Alternatively you can join us on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/groups/253604144673953/ or Twitter.
Email: info@niorokabada.org

  1. Happy Koriteh to everyone, this website is really important to us we have to thanks to those who really do this wonderful job, well done youths.

  2. Abdoulie,

    Thanks for the feedback.We would want you to join us in answering to the questions on the individual pages.You do not have to be 100%,just what you know.

    Nice to hear you have a baby.Congrats.

  3. Hi to you all sorry i really miss to visit this wonderful website, keep on the good work never give up, my last comment was in 2011 it really a long time miss, i realized the updates goes to my Spam box i fixed that now i will receive it in my in box, i will try gather some history information or feedback as Bubacarr Sowe mention, Alpha the boy was named Hamadi Bah, thanks to you all wonderful people we need just people in future long live the generation of Kabada.

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