Our culture is what made us who we are.We are dedicating this page to cherish our culture,traditions and believes.

What do you think is our culture?What are our traditions?What are our believes and customs?

Please help us in answering these questions.For example how we conduct marriage,name a baby,why we traditionally rare cattle and farm?Why we wear certain things?Why we do and do not do certain things.

Give us as much information as you know.You do not have to know everything.With everyone’s little effort we can create something great.

  1. culture in those days in nioro jattaba was quite interesting,i could recall
    in those days when some one is getting marriage it take four days before the
    bride will be brougth at home,when they brougth it there use to be a very
    big tree between Ba sawai compound and Alieu mette compoud the bride would be taking to round the tree for many times and the followers will be singing.
    it use to very intereting in those days,from there tonight the bridegroom
    would be taking to Ba tarru compound for prayer,but the bridegroom would put
    kaff on his head and they will spread a mat and allow a small boy to sit
    near him and that small boy would be given money by the elders.
    Now all those culture has been abolish in the village. western live and modenization has been adopted.
    Let go back to our culture so that our kids who come up will also know little about our culture.

  2. Well this is a community-owned site, we are the first generation of the community that have the opportunity to access western education. Few of us are also computer literate but this number is fast growing. We look forward to collaborate with other partners in helping this community harness its untapped resources..

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