Nioro Jattaba, April 2017

Nioro Jattaba, April 2017.

Sunday mornings, I am usually at home and will tune in the tv to catch up with the rebroadcasting of the week’s TV shows – it was Yousou Ndour that was showing this morning. The song where he was itemizing the years and months some Africa countries made history. “…. Burkina Faso, August 1960, …” the list of countries goes on then later the song went on with a heightened pitch “… Seennneegaaaaal April 1960…” Fine, that is Yousou Ndour’s way of presenting and recording history. The historic events of Africa’s countries independence dates. In a seemingly but somewhat radical analogy, …. Nioro Jattaba April 2017. The annals of history for Nioro Jattaba is taking a new chapter; Ba Darboe Bah, born and bred in Nioro Jattaba Village (where he schooled from ECD to SSS) is among the 230+ would be parliamentarians contesting for the National Assembly elections – this is an introductory remark towards the ‘important events’ section of Nioro historical documentary.

The role of ‘Waa’ Nioro as in Wollof is critical in punctuating this historic moment – for example, activities around the campaign trail need to be told and (social media is already doing a lots of that). How about us who are outside dwelling outside the village – are we aware of this? If yes, what are we doing about it in terms of mobilizing resources and spreading the word. What lessons have we learnt in the recent elections here and there that we could share with the campaign team. I know this can be difficult considering other issues around us. But this is new Gambia – we have seen how effective the Diaspora had supported and brought changed in the Gambia. Can ‘Wa’ Nioro mount a similar role? Why not I can reach most of my sister and friends in the Kiang on my Facebook (– we have seen how the Milibands brothers fought in a Labor election in the UK what if Ba Darboe was contesting against someone from the same village? This is nothing, we should be ready for it at the end of the day we all mean and wish for the greater good. Nioro Jattaba April 2017 is a big surprise with a pacesetter like Ba Darboe – the future is likely to have a Miliband or that sort of closeness – this is democracy.

Silence in my opinion tantamounts to ‘Torodoo’ and Torodoo is who we are – this is an important virtue we must keep it as we cannot be who we are not – but we cannot be silence about pertinent issues like national development relative to politicking.  As a matter of fact, we need a ‘U turn’ and see how being a Torodo in that strategic location could add value and help bring people together. There are some ideas here and there let’s keep brainstorming. I can see something in the numbers, and we could be a determinant or a King Maker (In the US election they call it the ‘S’ States) – a peep in the numbers, just a peep although this could be misleading when not accompanied with a viable campaign strategy.

The good news is we can raise awareness, we can create history and document history this is evident in the numbers again. The last time I checked we had more political scientist graduates than any other discipline. I am hoping to read their views and opinions sometimes – if they don’t the Youth Leaders the likes of Modika A would force them to act.

Finally, I feel too ashamed and I must admit this here I was also a flea trampled by the elephant one of the reason why I was one of the people who got the news very late. I am not involved that much in Nioro activities as it appears even with the schools I am very private. There is a dichotomy between my work and home…this is how much a flea I have been – am glad am talking in the past.

To be continued…



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  1. Abdoulie F Bah

    Thanks Alpha for posting this important activity for our great village son Ba Darboe Bah and kiang in general, i heard this news from you i am also sad i got this news late my bro, we have to act and make this happen as it is history making for all of us youths of Nioro, as unity is our day to day prayer, we have to make sure this news reach to everybody, you are the only person who is making this website alive, God bless you and family.

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