Niorokabada Association

This page is about the association of Nioro Kabada the idea is being discussed on the facebook page too. Yes, there are already many clubs in the village and this is no means to reinvent the wheel but rather strengthen the existing clubs..the main opportunity here, is this association will be driven by the growing number of our online users…the trend is likely to soar…access and participation will increase yet, the common denominator is Nioro and the wider Kaabada community. This we hope will be a mechanism that allows resource mobilisation for the community.

As we said this could be a good Saliboo for us. A saliboo of ideas lets brainstorm and let’s work out the way forward.

  1. this is me ALASAN KANEYEH BAH is good to help our own people an give them support in any way we can but if we could all remember we where having an assocIations in 2006/7we were contributing every month 10 dalasis we had collected 12-000 dalasis that money never went to support the causes it was supposed to do this money was given to Modika Kumba sowe Where has this money gone?.

    • Thanks for your post, it’s good to hear from you after a while. With regards to the current discussions about financial contribution for those of us in the UK. It’s kind of renewing the ideas and strengthening the efforts that were put in place sometimes ago by the Nioro community in the UK. To resume this commitment, we are very much encouraged by the willingness and the desire of everyone ‘to do something’ as a group about the current status quo (doing nothing). Hopefully, this will continue to bring us closer as a family.

      We hope the lessons learnt around similar initiatives in the past will go a long way in guiding us to forge ahead and make a difference. Of course, this is not say that we must not question our previous strategies that seemingly failed, and find out what happened to the resources that were accumulated? These are valid questions and I hope someone will shed light in your particular question.

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