Why are we a learning Community? Alpha Demba’s Dossier revealed

Nioro is a friendly small community where everyone knows each other and cares for one another. The past three decades the community has evolved from a traditional village to a semi urban town. In every dimension and angle, the community has realized some developments. However, the only thing that has been arguably constant and permanent over the period, is it’s learning culture. This is why the community is fondly referred to as a ‘learning community’, learning is its main strength and its DNA.

That being said, one is tempted to ask questions, many questions and threads of them for that matter. Questions such as; what is a learning community? Why are we a learning community? What have we learned as a community? Why does this matter in the first place? After all, every group of people including formal and informal institutions, organizations are indeed learning and can claimed to be learning communities.

This article will attempt to provide some answers: answers that are considered simplistic, funny and crazy – so be warned! Any answer or opinion could be associated to a question or some numbers of questions. Let’s begin with the WHY question(s). Why does this theme or topic of a learning committee all of a sudden?

  1. because we want the Nioro Community to be like Kaduna State in Nigeria. Apparently most federal states have a slogan associated to each state and visibly found in their vehicle number plates. For example, Kaduna the ‘Center of learning’ In the USA the slogan for New York, is ‘state of opportunity’. This is fun to list Nioro after this big States.
  1. because looking back. will tell you the community has been engaged in learning as history has it and one can see this in an earlier article on the traditional D’aras. One of the few communities in the Region with a ‘Hafiz Quran.
  2. because after three decades the community can now boost; a child can start nursery education at the theoretical (official) age of 3 years and complete schooling again at the theoretically at the age of 18 years without leaving the community. In other words, you can enroll in Nursery, lower secondary, and upper secondary in the community and complete basic and secondary education finish and transit to a higher and tertiary institution or exit into the labor market or settle as a potential head of a family (whatever that means) I will come to that later.
  3. because the pass rate has been poorly, the transition rate has been low, very few students according to the data shows very few can transit to the next level or can enter the labor market and many drops out. The World Bank thème such a situation as the ‘learning crisis’ in its 2018 world education report https://www.worldbank.org/en/news/press-release/2017/09/26/world-bank-warns-of-learning-crisis-in-global-education
  4. because the community continue to be concern about the downward trends of low learning outcomes coupled with the growing demands from all stakeholders for solutions to change the trend.
  5. because the average 9 year-olds cannot read three-letter word, not to mention calculate.
  6. because I am wearing my other hat the ‘first’ Alkalo (whatever that means) will explain that later, Alphademba was the first village head and somewhere in his dossiers: this slogan was written – his ‘Tomas’ are now bringing this to light 🙂

These are just some of the reasons to the WHY questions for now. To be continued

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