the ‘Dara’ Education

The Nioro Jattaba village like most villages had always had very effective Quranic teaching and learning centers locally called Dara (Duuda). These centers could be found in various compounds across the length and breadth of the village. For example, In Sareh Naereh there were two Daras; one in the late Ba Alhagie Ebrima Solo’s compound and the other in the late Mama Sambey’s compound. In Bedda, there were two; a Dara in Daboe Kolley’s compound and a Dara in Mama Alpha’s compound. In Languyeh there was a Dara in Ba Chabba’s compound. In Sowe Kunda, there was a Dara in the late Imam Ba Chanando’s. For most of us if not all us these Daras were our first learning institutions and we learnt the Quran.
The point am trying to make here is for us to reflect back on how the Dara operated for decades in Nioro and beyond. Let us focus on how the whole community including the parents cooperated and supported the cause of these Daras. In my view the Dara was one of the most successful model that worked for Nioro – the evidence are widespread.
I hereby urge everyone to reflect very carefully on how the Dara setting works? How every member of the village including the stranger in the village for example the ‘Ndummo’ (seasonal) farmer contributed meaningfully in ensuring the Dara worked and for decades everyone who completed or exit the Dara system benefited significantly.
Hopefully, this reflection might be instrumental by carrying it further with the view of reviving the current Daras education including the school in the village that is seemingly missing or lacking the focus and contribution the Daras benefited from the community in the 80s or earlier. What is your reflection?

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