• Ba Chana Bah was the first village head
  • 1950 Alkali Iya Bah was born as the first child in the new settlement.
  1. Actually Mam Baa Chana, died before the present Nioro Jattaba, his elder brother Mam Saidou (Musa) having being death earlier. Baa Jabel who is a son to saidou actually surrendered to the Kwinwla pressure, founded the present Nioro Jattaba. and that’s why Baa sambeh insist on fighting for Nioro and refused to leave Nioro near kwinela until they have to force him to join them in present day Nioro Jattaba by snaching his younger brother he brought up like a son (Baa Alieu).

    Mam chana and Mam Saidou where so poor in dator that when their father Biran died, they stayed at their home without wives and had to take food ration from their mother who married to another man in dator. their father was Biran Bah. when saidou got married and they started picking up in cattle, they had to return to poya briefly before giong to Nioro france leaving in Sibito while building Nioro france. I am not sure if Mam saidou died in Sibito or poya, he never migrated to nioro France English or Jattaba, nioro english is the one near kwinela and where Mam Chana died. Baa Jabel took over from Mam chana in Nioro english and founded present day Nioro Jattaba. yes Mam Chana founded Nioro but not present day Nioro Jattaba

  2. That is wonderful, it really important for future coming to know what Nioro is all about, well done for posting this Alasan you are true history teacher, we should read the history book for Nioro.

  3. I am indeed very impressed with all these i will soon join the scrusade to comment on these important issues.

  4. Thanks a lot Alasan. Could you or some else volunteer to start putting together these important bits and pieces of history into a concise reference History Book for posterity? So much is being lost!!

    Congratulations! Alkalo and all that are behind this effort for a job well-done. This could be the beginning of more innovative projects for the benefit of Nioro Kabada.

  5. what about the women that made the daboes, jabels, sheriffs and chanas greats? any information on them? we had the Ma bagas, Jojos, Lailas, the Astehs. its high time we use the expertise of the Ebrima press to get as much information as possible from the few that are in their 80s 90 and hundreds. Ebrima press did the wonderful story and if he was a horse i was going to give him a lass to do more.

  6. Ba Alasan, this is a good point. Do we have photos of our grandparent? I don’t remember seeing that of Astay not to mention the others – but I think Jojo, Ma-Baga or even Ba-Ndataru had some photos. Could you contact people to collect their photos – We will have a page for photo gallery.

  7. Modika Yayeh Bah

    I have pictures of Ma-Baga and Ba Ndataru and infact i sent them to you Alkalo the last time but i did not get any reply.

  8. Modika did you mean me? If yes, I must have missed it or something. Please forward to me or to everyone at We will create a page where the photos can be viewed.

    this is good development!

  9. Ba chana’s real name is Momodou and Alkali’s real name is Sutay (named after the Alkalo of jattaba as at that time). sutay was so admired by the people of nioro, I understand when he was moving from the old settlement to the current, the people of nioro carried his house roof undamaged to the new house then

  10. Thank a lot to the one who developed this software. i was quite impress
    of the hard work done by Alkalo.

  11. i am very happy this

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