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‘Lagdeh de Dupam’ (The bush has burnt)

Musa Bah (Dogoraba) in response to your comment on Facebook let me say thanks for that;

Its appears that everyone is saying the same thing about the need to have our history documented; the United Students of Kabada you mentioned is news to me. A similar project was done in Nioro by the 1986 batch. These are just examples of the efforts that have been going on since the 80s by different people in different areas and settings. The bad news is the documents are inaccessible and efforts were not sustainable either. However, the good news is this long-standing strong motive is still evident amongst us. Everyone wants to see that history is not only written but also the information is portable and accessible to whomever it may concerned.

The recent surge of our members using the Internet is a window of opportunity that we can capitalise on, as geographic location is not a barrier anymore. ‘Lagdeh Dupam’ (The bush has burnt by fire). One can see from Nioro to Medina franci

We have other goodies that we need to explore in this seemingly disperse community of ours as the local saying has it ‘ a disperse family is better than a disperse wealth (animal) ‘ How do we derive the benefits assumed in this old saying? Please come up with proposals.



Koriteh in Nioro is on Wednesday 31-08-11

Group Email Address Created –

Nioro Jattaba or Nioro Kabada?

It has been noticed over the years, Nioro has been referred to differently by different people or localities. Its well known that the neighboring villages in Kiang West refer to Nioro as Kabada, we the villagers called it Niorojattaba which is the formal name. I recalled hearing the people from the ‘Franci’ Medina Franci, Sarebitaye and the surrounding sometimes refer to Nioro as just Jattaba. There is also another name Niorotaubat this name very common from the youths in eastern part of the village.

I thought this another avenue for us to share about it this and just talk about maybe we can come to terms with one name

The 2011 Rainy Season

Issues around the season to discussed here