Daily Archives: September 19, 2011

Summary needed

Our information gathering initiative has so far gathered some substantial amount of information that could be summarised in a document and be easily used to whom it may concerned. In a fashion that would not require a visitor to go through all the web pages for the posts to know about Nioro. Then we can have this summary under the History Page to be downloadable.

May I suggest that some of our members who have experience in freelance journalism; the likes of Modika Y. Bah , Bubacarr J. Sowe and Ebrima L. Bah to lead this process of summarising the history so far written. In a similar note, we are very encouraged by the efforts of the contributors in particular; Ba Alasan and Ba Musa in going this length to enlighten us about the history of Nioro. I I think there is more to be told