Nioro Jattaba or Nioro Kabada?

It has been noticed over the years, Nioro has been referred to differently by different people or localities. Its well known that the neighboring villages in Kiang West refer to Nioro as Kabada, we the villagers called it Niorojattaba which is the formal name. I recalled hearing the people from the ‘Franci’ Medina Franci, Sarebitaye and the surrounding sometimes refer to Nioro as just Jattaba. There is also another name Niorotaubat this name very common from the youths in eastern part of the village.

I thought this another avenue for us to share about it this and just talk about maybe we can come to terms with one name


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  1. Preferably,Nioro Kabada seems to be more interesting.It is a matter of opinion but I hope we have something that we all mutually agreed on.
    Thanks Alpha for the dedication and courage, I hope we all collaborate and document our history and village.

  2. The Name is NIORO

    One may think that the name Nioro Kabada is new but it is better said that discussions about the name is what is new. It has turned up to be a very interesting topic of discussion on the social page of
    Narrated history has it that the original inhabitants of Nioro have carried the name Nioro with them dating back to their days in Senegal.
    Part of the history reveals that the NIORONKAS (people of Nioro) settled in a village in Kiang Central and referred to the settlement as Nioro Engelleh. The term Engelleh in their dialect means English. They used the term referring to the Gambia due to it colonization by the British/English people. Therefore Nioro Engelleh means Nioro in Gambia.

    Few years later they moved to the Cassamance Region of Senegal and named their new settlement as Nioro Fransi. Again the term Fransi was and is still used to refer to the French. Senegal is considered Fransi because of the French Colonialism.
    Sometime later the popular migrants of Nioro eventually came to settle in Kiang West and named the new village as Nioro Jattaba. This time the villagers choosed to add to Nioro the name Jattaba, which is the village that served as the host of the new settlers of Nioro Jattaba.
    It could be noted that the most permanent and solid name of the village on the spot light here is NIORO. However the idea linking Nioro with the word/name Kabada is inevitable as Kabada itself is widely considered the region containing the entire Fulladu in which Nioro is part of.

    Analysts say the bringing up of what seems to be a new name for the village (Nioro Kabada) is a suggestion to tighten grip on the origin of her people.
    The fore fathers of all the Nioro villages are predominantly farmers and herdsmen who always migrate from one place to another in search of pasture for their cattle. They are so complacent and non committal to the hosts of any of their new settlements.

    Author Ebrima Bah (EFA)

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